Rapid Prototyping

As a leading automotive and motorsport foundry we are regular tasked to develop and produce prototype and first off series castings rapidly.

By utilising our separate prototype casting and 5 Axis CNC machining cell, operating 24 hours per day/7 days per week we offer the unique capability to enable delivery of small batch fully machined heat treated castings produced from high density OBO 750 polyurethane production tooling in only 2 weeks.

To further improve our delivery service of 1 off and small development batches we have installed in house a EOS 750 Sand Sintering plant allowing tool-less production of prototype castings. Complex geometry sand moulds and cores can be completely sintered from a block of sand without the manufacture of pattern equipment or core boxes reducing lead time and cost.

For further information on our sand sintering rapid prototyping process and technical specifications please click here.